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Took you in when you had nowhere to go.... Fed you, got you clothes, gave you one of my pillows and blankets, even though I really did not have enough to share. Said it was >your home as much as mine and the food here is yours too.Loved you dear family member with all my heart, even talked about setting you up even more of your own space. Was your alarm clock when you were too lazy to set one.Had faith in you, looked for reasons to be proud of you when most could not see past your short-comings. Stood up for you when the world was mad at you, cried for you, worried for you. Now that you are getting on your feet, instead of returning the favor you are running away.Telling me that way at your new place you can come in three am with no issues. I got a hankering to tell you off, but all I feel is hurt. Your being dumb, child. Let me just say this... Don't ask me for nothing else, When you seek me I will be gone, far, far away. Let me say this family can hurt you worse than anyone else. Worse than a knife in the gut they are.... My mood: extremely Betrayed

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